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  • Inflatable Air Storage Bag for open water swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding and more.Keep all your valuables with you at all times while doing your favorite water sports. No need to leave your important things behind on shore.The Inflatable Air Storage Bag is also equipped with two backpack straps, which can be used as a backpack in normal times. You can tow the Dry Bag behind your boat or while swimming when used as a swim tow float device.

  • The open water swim buoy bag designed with two fitted webbing handles which allow you to carry the dry bag easily when used as a swim float.And the durable technical fabric which ensures a long lasting waterproof protection with a tight roll top and fastening clips for extra protection of your belongings while doing water activities.

  • This style of dry bag offers swimmers the rare opportunity to access products whilst in the open water. The donut shaped buoy features a double lined central dry bag which means you can assess a drink, nutrition, spare goggles, Go Pro etc whilst on the move.It is extremely versatile. The brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your important kit whilst you swim and for use as an inflatable buoy, for increased visibility in open water.

  • High visibility in open water. the brightly-colored swim buoy improves your visibility to avoid getting decapitated by a jet ski or a speed boat as swimmers in black wetsuits are virtually invisible in the open's also a safe place to float and rest. because of the natural buoyancy, the swim buoy can be used as a flotation device. you have reassurance that in case you cramp up or simply need rest, you are able to grab the buoy.

  • Excellent for open water swimmers, triathletes, or anyone else who would benefit from added confidence in the water.This bright orange swim buoy featuring a comfortable tow belt allows swimmer to be seen and gives flotation support if needed.The uniquely designed buoy features an outer compartment big enough to hold a large water bottle, packaged food, or small training aids such as paddles. Attention:This compartment is not waterproof but easy to access while in the water.

  • Made of premium PVC material, lightweight and durable.Anti-leak air faucet design, easy to inflate.With a handle, can used as life buoy in water, and as cushion when you rest on chair. With a strap which can be wrapped to your body.Suitable for both adults and kids.