How to use ice cooler bags and precautions


How to use ice cooler bags and precautions

How to use ice cooler bags:

1. First check whether the ice bag and ice bag are damaged. Put the smashed small ice cubes into a basin of cold water, dissolve the edges and corners of the ice cubes, and then put them in an ice cooler bag.

2. Place the ice cooler bag obliquely on the table, put in 1/2 bag of ice cubes, and then put in a little cold water.

3. Slowly flatten the ice cooler bag so that the liquid is close to the mouth of the ice cooler bag, discharge the gas in the ice cooler bag and clamp the mouth of the ice cooler bag. Dry the ice cooler bag and shake it upside down, check for water leakage, and then put on a cloth cover.

4. Put the ice cooler bag in the desired position.

Precautions for ice cooler bags:

1. If you use ice cooler bags for cold compresses, stop using them immediately if the cold compresses become pale, gray, bruised or feel trembling, pain, numbness, etc.

2. Observe whether the ice cooler bag is leaking at any time, and replace it in time after the ice cooler bag melts.

3. If cold compress is required, the use time should be implemented according to the doctor's advice, or the time should be controlled within 30 minutes.

4. It is not recommended to fill the ice cooler bag with water too much. If it is too full, the pressure on the cold compress may be too large, which will affect the local blood circulation.

5. ice cooler bags should not be used behind the ears, chest, abdomen, soles of the feet, or scrotum.

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