What is the difference between choosing an inflatable cushion or an air cushion bed for outdoor camping?


When camping outdoors, we usually prepare a cushion, which has many types. Currently, there are two main types: picnic cushions and rest cushions. The inflatable cushions and cushion beds we are talking about today are designed for rest. So for campers, how do they choose between these two cushions?

Inflatable cushion

At the beginning of playing outdoors, most people used aluminum foil moisture-proof pads, which have a good effect. However, there is one drawback, which is that folding them takes up more space and can only be hung outside the backpack. Later on, there were inflatable cushions, which could be folded smaller and more convenient to carry after being deflated. At this time, inflatable cushions were generally designed for hiking enthusiasts.

Later on, as the number of people in the camping field increased, the inflatable cushion became a two person model, but the appearance design remained basically unchanged and remained easy to carry.

Air cushion bed

We can understand an air cushion bed as just a mattress, but it is more high-end than the inflatable cushion we mentioned above. The design of an air cushion bed is more high-end and comfortable than an air cushion, and this type of air cushion can also absorb moisture, breathable, and fit the curves of the human body.

The mattress is supported by honeycomb support points (56 air columns in all directions), with uniform force and precise adaptation to each sleeping position. Moreover, an air cushion bed can adjust the softness and hardness of the mattress according to the different levels of inflation, meeting the sleep requirements of different people.

The grounding side of the air cushion bed is designed with four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant and waterproof layer, PVC material, anti immersion film, and explosion-proof thickened film. It should be noted that this air cushion bed can be used on both sides. Sleeping on a flocked surface in spring can provide warmth, while sleeping on a PVC cold surface in summer can effectively cool down.

So how do you choose between these two types of cushions?

An air cushion bed is definitely more high-end, and it is also more comfortable during rest, which helps sleep, and its functions are relatively diverse. If an inflatable cushion is used, it can also serve the purpose of moisture-proof, but the experience is definitely not as good as an air cushion bed. In terms of price, an inflatable cushion is more advantageous, and the price of an air cushion bed is relatively higher. Therefore, it depends on everyone's preferences. If you want to sleep better, it is still an air cushion bed. If the economic capacity is limited, then an inflatable cushion can also meet our camping needs.