R-value 10.7 based on BearHike Self inflating mattress


Do you know what is R-value?


If you lie directly on the ground while camping or hiking, you will quickly feel cold due to the transfer of heat from your warm body to the cold ground. Even a sleeping bag won’t be an effective barrier because your body will compress the insulation which combines into feathers. So a sleeping pad can act as a protective layer between you and the ground. And they rise to that effect to varying degrees, depending on the thickness, insulation, and other factors of the sleeping pad. The insulation level of a mat is indicated by its R-value.



What is R-value test standard:

BearHike self inflating mattress is tested according ASTM F3340-22

And the final result is: R-value 10.7

Self inflating mattress size:200*76*10cm



How to choose the right R value mattress for you.


The higher R value, the warmer.

If you like warm sleeping mat, just choose this style.

But if you unlikely the warm sleeping mat, like other lightweight sleeping mat, you can choose our other style.


Look forward a chance to provide high quality self inflating mattress, sleeping mat/pad to you.