Why choose a rubber yoga mat when learning yoga


The most important thing to practice yoga is to relax, so the yoga mat is mainly comfortable, soft and tough, and its main function is to prevent slipping and injury.

The raw material of natural rubber is natural and environmentally friendly; the natural texture and open-pore structure of the surface help absorb moisture, so it has a good anti-dry or wet slip effect.

The juice of the rubber tree can be made into natural latex, because it is pure natural, very healthy and environmentally friendly, with good elasticity and not easy to deform. The yoga mat made of latex can be washed, used repeatedly, and can also adapt to yoga lovers of different weights.

There are many types of yoga mats, but in order to ensure that we are not easily injured and can complete yoga better, we still have to choose carefully, see what material is suitable for us, and choose the yoga mat we like. If you are a beginner, you can choose some thicker and softer yoga mats. If you have a certain experience, you can choose some thin ones. It mainly depends on the yoga movements you learn and your physical condition.