What is the present situation and future development trend of outdoor market in our country?


Outdoor equipment refers to participate in a variety of adventure tourism and outdoor activities need to configure some equipment, including outdoor bags, outdoor shoes, outdoor clothing, clothing accessories, camping equipment. The development of outdoor equipment industry is closely related to the development of outdoor sports. Among the world's major countries and regions, Europe and the United States take the lead in the development of outdoor sports, which is an essential way of life for people. Europe and the United States have a stable and sustainable demand for outdoor sports supplies. The outdoor sports arose in our country in 80 years, the development is relatively backward. In recent years, the promulgation of the national fitness policy and the plight of the epidemic have stimulated the enthusiasm of domestic residents for camping, RV and other outdoor sports, prompting the demand for outdoor supplies to increase, and the industry is growing rapidly and showing a trend of continuous growth.

From the perspective of competition, our outdoor equipment industry started late, and the market is occupied by international brands with higher market visibility and strong professional and technical strength. Most domestic brands are concentrated in the low-end market with a low market share. In recent years, with the rapid development of Mu Gaodi, Sanfu Outdoor, Pathfinder, Zhejiang Nature, local enterprises have increased their market share. From the prospect, there is still a big gap between participation rate of outdoor sports and industrial scale compared with that of Europe and America. From the perspective of outdoor participation rate, China is only about 10%, while the United States, Germany, Britain and other European countries, outdoor sports participation rate is basically above 50%. Therefore, there is a large space for the improvement of the outdoor participation rate, and the outdoor products market remains to be explored.