How to use a wet dry separation swimming bag?


A swimming bag with wet dry separation function is a commonly used bag for swimming enthusiasts. In addition to swimming, swimming bags can also be used for daily fitness, business trips, etc. So how to use wet dry separation swimming bags?

When using a swimming bag, it is important to separate the functional areas and place different items in each area. Typically, a swimming bag can be divided into four areas:

1. Dry area

The dry area is usually used to store clean and replacement clothes, and there is also a small zipper bag inside, which can be used to store valuable items such as mobile phones, ID cards, bank cards, etc.

2. Wet zone

The inner lining of the wet area is made of waterproof fabric, which has good waterproof performance. Generally, dirty and wet clothes can be stored and placed inside.

3. Grid area

The grid area is an independent dry area with a transparent mesh pocket design that is breathable. The contents inside are clear at a glance and are not easily worn out. It usually has three compartments and can hold items such as sunglasses, power banks, and mobile phones.

4. Shoe area

Some swimming bags also have a separate shoe area at the bottom, mainly used for storing replacement shoes or slippers. Wearing slippers eliminates the need for public slippers, making it clean and hygienic.

The usage method of the swimming bag is very simple. Divide the functional areas and place different items in different categories, paying attention to dry and wet separation.

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