How to install a camping tent?


The steps to install a camping tent are as follows:

1. Lay the tent flat on the ground and unfold the inner tent.

2. Take out the accounting pole (or fiber pole) from the pole bag and connect it into a long pole.

3. Insert the docked poles into the pipes or holes at the top of the tent. Some tents are internal hanging and require hooks to be hung on the poles.

4. Insert one end of the pole into the hole at the bottom corner of the tent, then slowly arch the pole until the other end can also be inserted into the hole.

5. Fix the tent on the ground using ground nails, which should be inserted diagonally downwards at a 45 ° angle to ensure stability.

If there is a wind rope, it should be adjusted to the appropriate length, hooked with ground nails, and inserted into the soil 45 ° in the direction of force.

6. Install the external ledger, ensuring that the doors of the internal and external ledgers are facing in the same direction, then cover the external ledger with the internal ledger, fix the four corners of the external ledger with ledger nails, and ensure that the external ledger is tight and not attached to the internal ledger.

7. When putting away the tent, first remove the outer tent, shake off the soil inside, then push out the tent pole from one end, remove the tent nails, and store the tent flat.

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