Precautions and advantages and disadvantages of using camping air cushion beds


1. The newly purchased inflatable mattress needs to be inflated for eight or twelve hours before it can be used. Because a buffering process is required at the tension and seam joints inside the gas bed; Use the new bed 2 days before use, try not to have enough air.

2. One person can use it to get plenty of air, while two people can use it to release some air slightly. It is also important to pay attention to weather changes and the principles of heat expansion and contraction.

3. When the temperature drops, the inflatable mattress will become soft, so it is important to pay attention to replenishing air; Any inflatable product (including tires) will naturally leak air, which is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to regularly replenishing air.

4. When inflating an inflatable mattress, it should not be too full at any time, otherwise the tension strap inside the bed will be overloaded and break, causing the bed surface to bulge, which cannot be repaired.

Advantages of Camping Inflatable Mattresses

1. Strong material toughness: Because PVC material has strong flexibility and elasticity, it is the best material for inflatable products. It can generally withstand the pressure of a few tons of cars without any damage. Most inflatable mattresses are sturdy and durable.

2. Easy to store: The inflatable mattress folds up to the size of a pillow, making it very easy to carry and store. When not in use, it can be folded and stored in a storage cabinet. If necessary, it can be taken out and filled with air before use. And the inflatable mattress will not grow bacteria inside like a spring bed, and there will be no deformation of the spring bed.

3. Good softness: People who have not come into contact with inflatable mattresses generally imagine them to be very soft and soft, just like sleeping on cotton. In fact, this is not the case. When an inflatable mattress is fully inflated, it is only slightly softer than a spring bed, making it very comfortable to sleep, feeling like sleeping on a spring bed.

4. Strong breathability: Short and fine fluff is planted on the surface of an inflatable mattress through physical methods. When sleeping, it feels very delicate and breathable, making it warmer in winter; In summer, put on the sheets and then put on the mat, which is also very breathable and cool.

Disadvantages of camping inflatable mattresses

1. Poor breathability: Inflatable mattresses are made of PVC material, so they may have poor breathability. It is not suitable for children and the elderly to sleep on inflatable mattresses. If you want to use it, it is best to cover the mattress with cotton sheets or blankets, which not only benefits health but also enhances the comfort of the mattress.

2. Difficult to repair: Inflatable mattresses have limitations during use, as they should not be exposed to sunlight or exposed to sharp objects. Otherwise, once damaged, it is difficult to repair.

3. Usage trouble: The use process of inflatable mattresses is quite troublesome, and it is necessary to prepare for inflation before use. It is best to use the first inflation after 12 hours, so that there is a buffering process at the tension straps and seams inside the inflatable bed. Do not fully inflate the mattress for the first 2 days. The specific inflation saturation should be adjusted appropriately based on the actual number of users and temperature.

4. Not suitable for long-term use: For young people, inflatable mattresses are acceptable for short periods of sleep, but not suitable for long-term use. For children and the elderly, it is best not to use inflatable mattresses because children are in the stage of physical growth and development, and using inflatable mattresses has adverse effects on their bone growth and development.