Outdoor backpack essentials:Inflatable Waterproof Backpack PVC emergency lifesaving


1. Float: Simply blow air into the valve to inflate. 100% waterproof, keeping your valuables safe, dry and not sinking to the bottom. You can also float the bag next to you during activities like fishing or kayaking when space is limited.

2. COMFORT: Sleek, lightweight design is complemented by a number of useful design details, such as foam pads on the shoulders for quick drying and front pockets for quick access to your organized items.

3.VERSATILE USE: Unisex, great for water and snow sports such as canoeing, jet skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, fishing, boating and the beach. Use this durable backpack every day while walking, hiking or biking to keep the elements out and keep your valuables dry.

4.Made of 500D PVC Tarpaulin, highly puncture and tear resistant. An extra-strength waterproof zipper sets this bag apart.