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Outdoor backpack art

a heavy object resting on its back
——The weight of the weight is placed on the back, so that the weight of the weight is firmly on the waist during the walking process, so that the waist is straight. However, objects with hard edges should be kept away from the back to avoid discomfort.
Lightweight down jackets, sleeping bags and other places away from the back are also places to raise the center of gravity. When sleeping bags can play a role in cushioning and protection.
Wear often, wear less
Public projects used on the road are placed on top for easy retrieval. Place items that will not be used until you arrive at the camp.
Ordinary items such as street food and spare clothes are placed on top of the backpack.
Tents, cooking equipment, sleeping bags and other items not used in the camp can be placed in the lower part of the bag.
Proper packaging is provided by remembering the "priority" principle, under which you need to place large and small devices in different areas.
Device location
The purpose of placing different devices in different places is to maintain balance while walking and to be easy to carry.
The bottom of the backpack - the bottom of the backpack is suitable for large equipment and items not needed before camping, such as sleeping bags, down jackets and so on. When you put down your backpack, a soft cushion also provides a cushion.
Core area placement
The central area of the backpack is ideal for carrying a large number of almost unwanted items on the go. Such as camping food, pots and stoves, accounting posts, etc. However, pay attention to the balance of the left and right sides of the backpack.
Highest position
The top area is suitable for the essentials used on the road. For example: road food, raincoats, etc. The top area of the internal and external accounts can also be partially waterproof.
Accessory pocket location
You can put essentials and emergency items in your accessory pocket. The kettle is in the side pocket and the most common electronics are in the pocket. The accessory pocket not only prevents items from being lost, but also makes it easy to search.
Put things light and heavy, when you pack your back with space, if not enough. You can consider hanging items, but not all items can be hung.
Plugin or not
If not necessary, try not to. When crossing a dense forest, the suspended goods are easily suspended, causing the weight of the carrier to be unbalanced and easily causing scraping of the goods.
Hanging items are distributed according to the design of the backpack. There are hanging points on the back, side and bottom of the backpack. The lifting points on the back are usually used on the outside of the hail and climbing poles. The sides and bottom can be used to suspend the foam pad.
After the hanging point - hail, climbing pole can use the rear hanging point.
Suspension points on the sides and bottom - the suspension points on the sides and bottom can be used for the suspension of the foam pad.
According to the “priority and priority” packaging, the equipment is placed in different areas and properly suspended outside. When you're done, the backpack is fine.
However, if you want to pack things tightly together, make the most of your backpack space, don't walk around, you can learn some tips on how to pack.
Equip your own storage skills
Simply put, the principle of storage is to minimize the size and make full use of the space of the backpack.
How to store your sleeping bag - fold the sleeping bag in 2 - 3 times and slowly press the air. Then turn the bag over and start to stuff it from the bottom (the other end of the foot) into the bag.
When rolling up, squeeze the bag into a storage bag or waterproof compression bag.
The way the tent is stored, the way the tent is stored, if you put everything in the bag, it is easy to take up space and the compression factor will be reduced. The tent is the best to store and disassemble: the internal and external accounts are folded in the bag and can be easily compressed. Insert the nail and ledger vertically into the bag, using the clearance space of the bag.
Internal and external accounts can be partially waterproofed to the top. The vertical insertion of the pole and the ground nail not only ensures the full use of space, but also facilitates the rational distribution of the center of gravity.
The storage of cooking equipment takes up a lot of space, so take full advantage of their internal space. Place the burner in the pot and protect the burner with a soft material such as a paper towel. If space permits, put the cutlery and small materials into the pot. If the cylinder is the right size, it can also be placed in the pot.
If you want to use it as much as possible, the sleeping pad will receive the method.